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Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

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Beauty Eyeshadow Palette - Sweet as Honey Eyeshadow Palette 


Focallure 18 Colors Eyeshadow Palette  Apply with your favourite shadow brushes. Flat and firmer brushes will give the most colour payoff. Fluffier brushes are great for blending. Use a small angled brush to line the eyes.

About this item

  • Based on our famed matte formula, Metallic Velvetiness have the same staying power but dry down to a luxurious 'liquid metal' finish. Touch-proof, totally opaque, and cool AF.
  • Get ready for even more depth, more sparkle, and infinite lasting power.

  • Twist the cap clockwise to open and to reveal the wand applicator. Apply evenly on lips. Return wand and close tightly.


  • Beautiful color, versatile matte soft color, the first row of the third row has 4 wild ordinary pearls, the second row of the last four colors and the third row of the penultimate color, very characteristic pearl One color can play the pearl of the day
  • Matte is very colored, using a new process, two grades than the previous FA40 upgrade, toner, base material mica powder are treated with a special process, uniform color, fine powder and docile
  • Super color non-flying matt color
  • High-quality packaging

What it is:

The best glitter eyeshadow palettes to be able to accomplish any look for any occasion.

What Beauty Eyeshadow Palette does: 

Make transforming your look from work to personal a breeze with this eyeshadow palette. The 18-color eyeshadow makeup options provide a diverse array of colors. Some are more appropriate for work environments and some are ideal for a more dramatic evening entrance including an eye-popping gold eyeshadow. You will always be on trend, in style, and stunning with the best glitter eyeshadow palette from Focallure.

Solutions for Beauty Eyeshadow Palette:

Cream-based eyeshadow to prevent creasing. 
The fade-resistant formula to last for hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Giovanni Hane

For example, you can blow with pastelny matovy and vidtinki at the Chervonyi pidton more than Brown. Ale what is just an enemy, what is already a whim. I don't know what to do with a piliti on a guy, it's easy to gain on a finger, pigmentatsiya is pretty good. Metals❤️. You will not regret it. Package, yakisnez, not to be beaten and not to be.

Evans Bednar

That's cool. High quality :)

Sabrina Schoen

Very well packed, whole came. I haven't tried it yet, they are well transferred to the hand with my finger. The colors of metals are very beautiful, there are many shadows in matte with a red paldton. Black matte very pigmented.

Torrey Ondricka

Neymovirno Garna paletka, bulagarno is packed and still Tsila. Kolori just charivni.
I came to finish shvidko, for the Ministry of Art, for the Ukrainian. Glory to the heroes!

Karianne Crooks

Matte shades are excellent, sparkling are not so bright and persistent. In any case, shadows are worth their money. Super fast delivery, packaging is beyond praise

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