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HAIR VITAMIN KERATIN CAPSULE . Hair Moisturizing Essence Formula, with Vitamins A C E Vitamin B5, Argan Macadamia Avocado Oils and  Repair Damaged Hair

About this item

  • Hair Vitamin Serum Capsule in Red - The RoseRed Sevich Hair Vitamin Capsule deeply repair damaged hair, daily care hair is smooth and silky.
  • (Especially suitable for dry hair, not suitable for oily hair).
  • The main ingredients are Moroccan oil, jojoba oil, vitamins A, C, E, and vitamin B5 to nourish and repair brittle and rough hair, making the hair healthier and stronger, and softer to the touch.
  • Suitable for hair care after dyeing, with the strongest fragrance . Similarly for hot dyeing and hard hair) .In addition Moroccan oil and triple care formula are formulated to nourish dyed hair.
  • In addition It is suitable for dull hair after dyeing or damaged hair due to sun exposure, so as to keep the luster after dyeing. Hair feels soft and easy to comb, and lasts longer.
  • Hair Vitamin Serum Capsule in Gold - Normal hair care, keep hair soft, smooth and shiny (suitable for dry and matte hair and normal hair), Moroccan oil, jojoba oil. Keeps hair hydrated, hair feels softer and shiny, and easy to manage.
  • For instance before you buy, you can choose the best hair oil for your hair according to your actual situation. This will better care for your hair.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - If you encounter any quality problem, please contact us immediately and we will refund you the full amount.
  •  if there is any undetected allergic reaction during use. Please immediately stop using it, consult your doctor and contact us. 

Product details

SEVICH Hair Vitamin Serum Capsule - 2020

New Hair Moisturizing Essence Formula, with Vitamins A C E Vitamin B5, Argan Macadamia Avocado Oils, Repair Damaged Hair

SEVICH haircare product. Our Facial Serum are more nature and stable, The active components were extracted from Seaweed.


We focus on the production of products suitable for daily use, in line with the most suitable for daily life habits.

Use Tips 

Please Note: For external use only. In other words, it is not a tablet it is hair Oil

1. Wash your hair before using hair capsoul then Take appropriate SEVICH hair oil into the palm of your hand After that apply it evenly to the roots of your hair and scalp.
3. After that Wait 15 minutes for absorption then wash off the excess hair oil.

4. After that Wait for the oil to absorb before using the serum before bed.

What is Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule ?

The Vitamins Keratin Hair Oil Capsule is a innovative hair care products that combines the benefits of keratin protein, organ oil, nutrition E, and different natural extracts and important oils. This particular combination works together to revive your frazzled locks fast and effortlessly. It's secure for ordinary use, and with every use, your hair situation will enhance, choosing up extra flexibility and shine.

Benefits of Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule

  1. Restores Strength and Vitality : The Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule helps to restore energy and energy in brittle hair.
  2. It nourishes your hair from inside, making it stronger and much less liable to breakage.
  3.  if you've got best hair that has a tendency to get Frizzy easily. this product is ideal for you.
  4. The Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule helps combat frizz and continues your hair searching easy and smooth.
  5. If you have highlighted or colored hair, you understand how vital it's miles to attend to it nicely. The Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule provides the nourishment your hair needs to live wholesome and vibrant.
  6. Improves Flexibility and Shine : With each use of the Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule, your hair turns into more flexible and vibrant.
  7. Above all Hair will appearance healthier and more lustrous than ever before.

How to Use Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule?

  1. Placed one pill of the product on your hair 2-3 instances / week
  2. Twist the tablet open to release the oil.
  3.  After that Apply the oil at once in your Scalp and Massage it lightly.
  4.  Leave it on for at the least 30 minutes or in a single day for higher results.
  5.  Rinse off with a slight shampoo. 

 In other words

the Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule is a sport-changer in the international of hair care products.

Its unique aggregate of keratin protein, argan oil, nutrition E, and different herbal extracts

makes it an ideal preference for absolutely everyone seeking to improve the fitness and power of their locks.

In conclusion with normal use this product can help repair strength and flexibility on your hair at the same time as preventing frizz and improving shine.

why you are waiting ?

Try the Vitamin Keratin Hair Oil Capsule nowadays and experience the difference it may make in your hair!

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