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TOWALIVE Ionic Hair Dryer 110,000 RPM with Diffuser Accessories

2 Billion Negative Ions, Quick Dry, High Speed, Lightweight, Great for Travel, Grey


  1. 【Quick Drying】 TOWALIVE hair dryer is device with 110000 RPM,  high speed Brushless motor
  2. TOWALIVE hair dryer can achieve a wind speed of 21m/s.
  3. The design of the air channel allow you to achieve triple air speed  it can dry even long hair up to the waist in about 5 minutes.
  4. 【200 Million Anions/cm³】TOWALIVE ion hair dryer emits up to 200 million negative ions to eliminate static electricity and curly hair.
  5. The hair is gently Hydrated to close the hair cuticle and make it soft and Optimally hydrated.
  6. 【4 temperatures, 3 speeds】 Choose from different temperatures and speeds according to your needs. 6 intuitive LEDs show you dry mode at a glance. NTC temperature control monitors air temperature 50 times per second to effectively prevent scalp and hair damage.
  7. 【Lightweight and Quiet】hair dryer works below 70 dB
  8. For instance motor positions is outside the listening area , so that reduce high pitched motor noises .
  9. The housing is made of sturdy and lightweight nylon Fiberglass and weighs only 350g. Compact and portable, making it the best choice for home and on the go.
  10. 【4 Magnetic Tips】TOWALIVE hair dryer comes with 4 professional nozzles,
  11.  For instance including a concentrated nozzle, fragrance diffuser, styling nozzle and Coanda Straightening  nozzle.
  12. In other words No matter the hairstyle or texture of the hair, it can be used Effortlessly.


In conclusion TOWALIVE Hair Dryer Kit a complete range of accessories for all hair types. Its appearance and exceptional performance will seduce you! Warning: Hair dryer tips contain magnets, please keep away from pacemakers, defibrillators, credit cards and electronic storage media.

Warning: This product is not suitable for people with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or who do not have appropriate experience or knowledge or children. 

    5 tips for using Supersonic Dryers.

      1. In addition Before use Supersonic , dry your hair and make it easy After that apply a warmness protectant spray to guard your hair . 
      2. Section Your Hair After that Divide your hair into potential sections the usage of clips or hair ties. This will make it simpler to dry every phase thoroughly.
      3. Choose the Right Attachment: The Supersonic Dryer comes with extraordinary attachments for extraordinary styling desires.
      4. Use the smoothing nozzle for a swish blowout, the diffuser for curly or wavy hair, and the styling concentrator for specific styling.
      5. Adjust the Heat and Speed Settings: The Supersonic Dryer has a couple of worm and speed settings to fit your hair kind and desired style.
      6. Start with low heat and velocity settings and regularly growth if needed.Keep a Safe Distance: Hold the dryer at the least 6 inches away from your hair to save you warmness harm  After that Move the dryer constantly to distribute warmness calmly and avoid concentrating warmth on one region for too long.
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