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Flawless Makeup Base

Product Name

Flawless Makeup Base


Flawless Makeup Base Air Cushion Cream Flawless Cream Bubble Cream Moisturizing Natural Concealer Foundation frost Nude Makeup Air Cushion

about Flawless Makeup Base

  • Soft concealer, uniform color
  • Light breathable, natural bare makeup
  • Isolate pollution, fear of injury
  • lock water moisturizing, fresh and comfortable
  • Type:BB Creams Benefit:Moisturizer,Sun Block,Long-lasting,Whitening,Brighten,Easy to Wear,Concealer,Natural,Nutritious Ingredient:Cream Skin Type:Combination Package:1 PCs Air Cushion 

 How to use Flawless Makeup Base   :

From picking the right tool and Flawless Makeup Base products to treating your skin right — there’s no shortcut to creating a flawless base. How to create makeup base step by step for beginners? Check out the nine simple tips to achieve a flawless base for an Insta-ready look! 

1. Cleanse 

One of the important base makeup steps of how to prepare your skin for  Flawless Makeup Base   application is to cleanse your face properly. Always start your makeup with a clean, refreshed skin. 

Steps to Take 

Start off with cleansing your skin with a mild, soap-free cleanser to remove impurities and dirt. This is the first step to get a healthy, glowing Flawless Makeup Base , so we suggest you never skipping it.

2. Use Toner 

To make your face base makeup perfect, follow your whole basic CTM routine, and do not forget about the toner. It helps you to keep healthy skin pH balance, reduce pore appearance, and refresh your look. 

Steps to Take 

To clean your skin further, make it brighter and tighten your pores, apply your toner on a cotton pad, then gently swipe all over your face and neck. Proper skincare will help your skin look even and glowing.

3. Moisturise 

Dry and dehydrated skin will make your makeup appear patchy and uneven. Regularly applying a moisturiser for makeup base will help you get soft and smooth skin, basically, the perfect canvas for your makeup! 

Steps to Take 

Finish up your skincare routine with a light moisturiser to deeply hydrate your skin. Apply a pea size of your makeup base cream for daily use, then gently spread it all over your face and neck.

4. Prime 

After prepping your skin, you need to layer your face with a Flawless Makeup Base  primer. It’s blurring your face, and also helps your makeup last longer, so never skip this step to achieve a smooth base makeup. 

Steps to Take 

Go for a gel-based primer like the Lakmé Absolute Undercover Gel Primer. Enriched with vitamin E, this primer smooths your skin and covers up blemishes, giving you a clean canvas to apply your foundation.

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